Look at gambling as entertainment, like going to a concert or movie, not as a way to make money

Cash is King

Consider taking just cash into the casino. Without your cards, you may not be tempted to spend more than planned.

Bring a Friend

Going to the casino with a friend and playing the slot machines together can be a great way to avoid spending more time or money than you intended.

Breaks Help

It’s a good idea to occasionally walk away from the game you’re playing. Stretching your legs and/or grabbing a snack can help you feel refreshed.

Mix It Up

Trying the other amenities the casino has to offer may help reduce both your time and money spent gambling.

Set a Timer

Use your phone or watch to set a timer to remind you when it’s time to head home or take a break.

Common Gambling Myths

MYTH: Someone used the slot machine right after me and won the jackpot. That should have been my jackpot!

FACT: Slot machines & VLTs use a random number generator to select the symbols you see on screen. Pushing the button at the exact millisecond the winning symbol is generated is the only thing that determines a jackpot.

Myth: This slot machine hasn't paid out in a long time. It's due for a win.

Fact: Machines are never "due" for a win. Since all machines pay at random, the next jackpot could be right away or thousands of spins later.

Myth: If I play long enough, eventually I can win back all the money I've lost.

Fact: The longer you play, the more likely you are to lose. Chasing losses just leads to bigger losses.

Myth: I thought the VLTs were supposed to pay out 93% of the money I put in. That means if I put in $100, I should get $93 back.

Fact: VLTs pay back 93% of the money they take in over the life cycle of the machine, which could be millions of spins, not just your gambling session.